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Deep drawing of metal components


Deep drawing is a mechanical process with which a metal piece is shaped. Starting with a sheet of aluminium, special presses are used progressively to give the desired shape to the final product.

What Covit can do:

  • Shapes:  Cylindrical, round, square, oval, flat
  • Branding: Logos, letters, shapes, embossing and relief
  • Edged: No sharp edges or bent
  • Maximum transfer measurements:
    • Diameter: up to 60 mm
    • Height: up to 100 mm

The complementary techniques Covit offers:

  • Embossing
  • Engravings on the side: letters and frets
  • Threads
  • Edges
  • Indented valances
  • Mechanical polishing
  • Sandblasting


  • Transfer Presses
  • Presses with semi-transferred moulds
  • Bruderer Presses with progressive matrices
  • Conventional Presses

Design tools: CAD 3d, Unigraphics NX

Implement mechanization:

  • Machining units CNC DECKEL MAHO DMV60E
  • Cylindrical grinding of irregular shapes CNC STUDER S21
  • EDM machine Charmilles Roboform 20
  • Surface grinding GER S-60/40
  • Cylindrical grinding machine DANOBAT 50
  • 4 conventional LACFER lathes