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Covit opens its doors virtually to show visitors its design, manufacturing, and distribution process for anodized metal components.

  • Everything begins with a need.
  • In this case, a company needs an attractive, eye-catching aluminium closure for a new line of merchandise, to be sold internationally.
  • Covit has the know-how and in-house capabilities to develop elegant and attractive aluminium components.
  • When the company gives the go-ahead, everything agreed upon is set in motion and the real fun begins.
  • The process for creating aluminium components is quite complex and exacting.
  • Each piece begins with a roll of sheet aluminium that's cut into small, circular discs and run though a stamping machine.
  • The machine transforms the discs progressively into the designed shape.
  • After the transformation, the pieces are thoroughly cleaned in order to continue with additional operations.
  • Quality is very important to Covit and its clients.
  • Automated optical quality control systems scan the surfaces of the pieces for imperfections and to ensure dimensions are correct.
  • The pieces that don't make the grade are set aside for recycling.
  • Next, they’re run through Covit’s anodizing baths, which comprise some of the most advanced and comprehensive facilities in the world for metal decoration.
  • This stage is also where they’re coloured and finished to match client specifications.
  • Finally, the pieces are run through inspection again and the ones that pass are ready to be shipped.
  • They're packed and loaded onto pallets and shipped both domestically and internationally.
  • To be affixed to their counterpart bottles in client factories.
  • The components (now atop product-filled bottles) make their way into the marketplace to be purchased.
  • A distinctive and attractive part of the product package.
  • Covit: Luxe components for luxury products