Global Solutions for fragrance and cosmetic packaging

Equipment and engineering

In this dynamic global market, Covit continuously develops new products and processes to be more agile and capable of fulfilling its customers’ needs and to assist them in overcoming new challenges.

Covit’s Technical Teams are extremely well prepared for this constant change:

Mechanical engineers, experts in Aluminium Transformation:

Their primary functions are to:

  • Find and implement new techniques for stamping, using the most up to date and appropriate methods for each type of piece.
  • Design and supervise the operation of new machines and processes to achieve new shapes and finishes.
  • Prepare proposals based on customer needs.
  • Design new tools and corresponding machinery.
  • Automate processes through study and implementation:
    • Supply parts for auxiliary processes.
    • Dismantle and assemble racks.
    • Automatic selection of pieces.
    • Assembly of complex products, including metal with plastic and metal to metal.

Chemical engineers, experts in Surface Treatment:

Their primary functions are to:

  • Develop special colours and finishes according to customer requirements.
  • Research new finishes and treatments.
  • Research new and more efficient processes.
  • Automate all anodizing processes.
  • Computerize the control of production.
  • Automate control analysis.
  • Adapt processes to the Best Available Techniques (BATs)
  • Research product and process improvements for a more sustainable environment.
  • Develop joint projects with universities and technology centres.

Technical experts in packaging:

Their primary functions are to:

  • Lead development projects for new custom products.
  • Interpret customer needs or designs.
  • Coordinate technical teams in the studies and actions arising from the requirements and needs of the clients.
  • Prepare proposals based on the obtained technical information.
  • Manage projects all the way from design through delivery to the client.